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Let's catch some rays.

Solar Foldy is a family of electronics harnessing the Sun’s renewable energy to produce light and charging power, anywhere in the world. Its sleek patented folding design allows Solar Foldy to slip easily into your pocket. It's a personal, portable powered-by-the-Sun light and charging device, whenever you need it most.


A pocketful of possibilities.


Today, design runs the world. We worked hard (fifteen years, to be exact!) to develop a more stylish solar-charged power source for your daily life. Our patent-pending softer, smoother, sleeker design allows Solar Foldy to glide comfortably into your pocket, without sharp corners and bulky hardware.

Power in your pocket—anywhere, anytime. 


Solar Foldy.


Solar Foldy Features:

  • USB input to charge cell phones and portable devices

  • Provides light up to 200 hours on a single 8 hour solar charge

  • Sleek, pocket-sized and powerful

  • Multiple brightness settings:

    • Super Bright Light (up to 6 hours)

    • Bright Light (up to 12 hours)

    • Night Light (up to 200 hours)

    • SOS Mode (super bright flashing light crisis signal)

    • Sleek, pocket-sized and powerful

Portable solar charged Tools for everyday use.


Solar Foldy provides a way to make solar power personal with portable multi-functional solar devices that use the renewable energy of the Sun to bring relief and aid, whenever and wherever light and power is needed. Our family of products are designed to assist in the every day, join you on those great adventures, and be a tool to keep your devices activated, should crisis occur.

Our products have been meticulously designed to be:

  • Sleek and stylish

  • Affordable

  • Water resistant

  • Lightweight

  • Durable

  • Pocket-sized

  • Foldable 

  • Equipped with "SOS Mode"



Globally, 1.06 billion humans are without electricity in 2018.


More often, we see the uncontrollable tragedies of natural disasters around the world on our computer screens and mobile phones. The most recent occurred in 2017 on September 20, when Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, decimating the country's electrical grid and leaving residents without power for hundreds of days.

Natural disasters like these, Hurricane Sandy, and many other recent tragedies inspired Solar Foldy founder, Anne Griffin, to create a solution. She saw an immediate demand for a safe product to provide both light and power to charge cell phones and tablets. Thinking further, she included an "SOS Mode" to activate powerful LED's and send out extremely bright flashing light. 

In times of disaster, access to communication and visibility could truly save lives.


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